Friday, January 16, 2009

What web video could be like....

My day job is the Director of Technology for 60Frames Entertainment, a digital studio making, distributing, and monetizing original video content for the web. A lot of people have told me that video online will never be more than low quality, "watch me as I set myself on fire and ride my bike around" junk. Some people have duly noted that there is that kind of low-grade fair, and then there is porn, and that's it.

I think that it's possible to do more. I took this job because I think that there are people who are really good at making original video content and I firmly believe that the future of video is online. It's not that every video will be great. I mean, look at feature films - is every film good? No way. But, there are good films. In the same way, not every web video will be good. But, I haven't really seen a lot of great web videos.

If you don't believe that web video can be high quality, watch this video. It's a pilot that 60Frames produced with John August. If you're not in the entertainment biz, you might not know who John August is. But, if you've seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie's Angels, Go, or Big Fish, then you've seen John's work. You can read more of his bio on IMDB or read his blog about screenwriting.

I think you'll find this video is engaging, funny, fast-paced, and actually tells a story. Hopefully, it even leaves you wanting more..

So, spend a few minutes and check out this pilot. I think you'll agree that it's really pretty damned good.

The Remnants from John August on Vimeo.

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